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Authentic moments

Whether it's a film that captures the overwhelming power of a child's arrival to the world, or the authenticity of family life,

on this page you can find my services, designed so that each family can capture their love the way they prefer.

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Pregnancy session

As the weeks pass by and the pregnancy approaches the end, your belly also grows and marks this transforming phase.

The session during pregnancy is a perfect time for a small family outing.

It could be  a walk in the nature, in the city or simply in the comfort of your home.

It is ideal to immortalize this beautiful phase of your lives in a peaceful, magical and loving way.

A full day of pregnancy/with family

A complete day of filming with a documentary approach, with very little to no interference in your family dynamics.

On this day you can do whatever you want. Experience a practice that is already part of your routines such as going for a walk or practicing yoga, staying at home with your older children, preparing lunch, or even organizing the baby's room.

This day can also be an opportunity to tell the story of the beginning of this new life, so that one day later, your child may see how you were like before they were born.

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Whether in a pool, or a caesarean. At home or in the hospital.

Lasting 4 hours or 48 hours. This is the first major event in your child's life.

If that is your wish, I'll capture in video the day of your child's birth.

From the beginning until the birth of the baby.

Thanks to my training as a doula, I understand the needs of women in labor, and therefore I always respect your space and privacy.

Fresh 24h

On this first day, I'll pay a visit to the place where the baby was born, whether in the hospital, in a clinic or at home.

This visit aims to capture a little bit of those first 24 hours of falling in love between baby and newborn family.


Depending on your wishes, I will be there to capture breastfeeding, the baby's first bath or a visit from grandparents or friends.

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Postpartum home visit

This visit can be done at any time after birth.

It can happen after a week, 15 days, a month, or even later.


It serves to capture the new family's life, dynamic and even the beautiful new challenges of parenthood,

 in a documentary approach and without interference.

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