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I can't put into words what I feel, it's too strong.
So many moments there that I didn't know had happened.

That I didn't remember or had registered so differently.

I am terrible with myself. I always think I am the worst Mother.

Hard and bad. But that video didn't show me that.

It showed a Mother who loves her family madly, who smiles and plays with them. Who I love the most. The three of them. "


Mariana made the film of Caetano's birth - our son. There are no words to describe the way she did it. Caetano was born at home and we really wanted to be able capture that moment forever. Mariana did it in the most incredible way. During my pregnancy, she visited our home and captured our family routine, to frame Caetano's long-awaited arrival. On the day he was born I woke up and felt that the moment was close and so I called Mariana (despite not having contractions yet). Mariana immediately said she was going to prepare everything to come here! Whether the birth should happen on that that or the next, Mariana wanted to make sure she was there when it happened! (She took a 3,5 hour trip to be with us!). As inicial labor progressed, Mariana arrived and greeted me! It was perfect harmony. From that moment on, Mariana "disappeared!". She managed to capture all the memorable moments through incredible images without being noticed! Neither I nor my husband remember her during the process. Because the woman needs privacy, this ability in a process like labor is essential. And often having a camera pointed at you is enough to stop labor from progressing, and therefore, one of Mariana's virtues is her ability to be "invisible", doing a fantastic job without being noticed! 

As for the work she delivered, the images she captured, the shots ... everything! ... It was just wonderful. More than a testimony, or a few words, anyone who sees the film of Caetano's birth is able to perceive the quality of Mariana's work, her commitment, her dedication, the sensitiveness that she puts into her work. She managed to capture the essence of our family in an incredible way, that will mark us forever. There are no words that can demonstrate the immense gratitude we feel! Thank you Mariana!

Rute e Paulo Nuno

Captura de ecrã 2019-05-01, às 01.30.0

Adriana was born! Touching her, fitting her into my body was so beautiful and peaceful.

Now there were four of us, and that was a big novelty and a step into the unknown. 

My heart was stretching as we stared into each other's eyes.

This film already spoke about something I only realized later ... About the beauty of when a daughter is born surrounded by the people who were waiting for her.

About relationships, connections, about Family.


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